Never afraid to work

hard work

To say Emily has a strong work ethic is an understatement. She is a dedicated real estate agent.¬†She is the hardest working, most intelligent and educated agent there is. She knows the real estate market inside and out. She has incredible attention to detail and the amazing ability of pointing out things in potential homes that other realtors would never consider. She is also very in tune to the softer side of the business. Not only is she working non-stop, but she is also a mother of three humans and 2 K-9’s. With all those crazy things running around the house and helping her husband run a company (Safehouse Studios) she sure does know how to get the job done in the best way possible.

When working with Emily Franco you will find that she holds a certain flare, a spunk that will have her standing out in the crowd. Having the ability to trailblaze a path for success. That skill did not just come out of thin air, It was taught to her at a very young age. She comes from a wonderful and successful entrepreneurial grandmother (aka) “MopMop”. Helen Williams and her husband ran a company in the triad for many years while exposing Emily to good work ethics. Along with work ethics, the¬†certain flare and spunk come from only one place… MopMop. In the video below you will have the opportunity to meet the late “sweet face” and wonderful MopMop.

Emily W Franco

Real Estate agent

Helen P Willians