SuperBowl Ad Makes Me Weep

Super Bowl Ad Makes Me Weep

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Ugh, I’m such a softie.  Many of you know that my husband is in Video Production/Marketing, so anytime I see a “Behind-The-Scenes” of something, I always watch to see if he would be interested.  Today, I’m scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, and there’s a link to the new Budweiser Super Bowl Ad.  I watch the first 2 minutes with great interest as they talk about the trilogy of the Rancher, the puppy, and the Clydesdales.  After the teaser, they show the finished product, the full commercial.  I’m just telling you, I cried through the whole thing…. and not just the first time.  I cried the second time when I showed my husband too.  I can’t help it, they got me.  Budweiser got me.  The Budweiser Super Bowl Ad makes me weep.  That shows you EXACTLY what good video marketing can do…..and I don’t even drink beer.  So this is for all of you softies out there:


PS – I just did it again.


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